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Website maintenance is a challenge

Keeping your website up to date and responding to your market with information can be difficult, especially when your business is growing. Website content can quickly become stale and out of date. 

Content Management Systems to the rescue

Powering your website with a Content Management System that lets you easily edit your website can help. However, there are lots of options to choose from when deciding on a Content Management System for your next website. Our Introduction to TYPO3 Workshop can help you to decide if TYPO3 is suitable for your situation.

Why you should consider TYPO3

We think TYPO3 is great for almost any website project because:

  • TYPO3 is very flexible and is suitable website projects of all sizes
  • TYPO3 is Open Source (based on GPL) and entirely free of licensing charges
  • Over 500,000 websites use TYPO3
  • There are approximately 100,000 TYPO3 developers 
  • TYPO3 has multilingual support built-in and is available in 30+ languages
  • TYPO3 has many security features
  • Large enterprise websites with multiple users are possible with TYPO3

Get introduced to TYPO3

In our Introduction to TYPO3 workshop, we help you discover:

  • How to make an informed decision about which CMS to use
  • Why some of the world’s biggest companies are using TYPO3
  • How easy it is to use TYPO3 to modify the content of your website yourself whenever you want
  • How to getting started in a TYPO3 career


The Introduction to TYPO3 workshop is priced at 69 USD + KDV.

Introduction to TYPO3 workshop content

  • What is a Content Management System?
  • What is TYPO3?
  • Examples of TYPO3 websites
  • Key TYPO3 concepts
  • Adding pages to a TYPO3 website
  • Adding and editing TYPO3 content elements
  • Uploading and managing images and other media
  • Embedding HTML content 
14 October 2019

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All pricing is in USD and excludes KDV (VAT) sales tax unless otherwise stated.