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About Vista Interactive

We are a TYPO3/WordPress web design & development agency. 

We help customers understand and use content management technology to share their story and build their online presence.


What our customers are saying about us

Darrell Blaine


"Success!!!   thanks so much! Great customer service!"

Levent Solmaz

Levent Solmaz Tour Guide

"Thank you for your all effort on my website; it looks wonderful. I also appreciate your advice more than I can say. I am really very excited and I am sure it will create more business ; insallah!"

Our history

From international roots with continuous technology development


A group of expats in Izmir, Turkey started the company known as BilgiLink to serve both locals and internationals with their web design and IT skills.

Vista Interactive

With a team fluent in different languages, many of our projects involved multi-lingual or localization solutions and we often worked with new businesses getting established in the Turkish market or exporting their products and services to the rest of the world.

BilgiLink rebranded as Vista Interactive and with additional technical expertise we started producing more interactive and dynamic websites. 


Vista Interactive started developing websites based on the TYPO3 Content Mangement System.


The powerful features of TYPO3 can be a bit overwhelming for the non-technical and so in 2009, we released EkspressWeb with ready made designs, limited features and training packages to give customers a head start with TYPO3.

Vista Interactive Germany

As we became more experienced in TYPO3 development, we closed the Turkish office in 2013 and moved our administration to Germany, home of the largest community/market of TYPO3 users.


As customers were looking for cheaper, less feature-rich solutions and so we added WordPress web design and development services to our portfolio.


Today, we continue to offer a full range of services for helping customers build their websites with TYPO3 or WordPress and expand their online presence to connect with their audience. 

Our people

Meet our team

Peter Murray

In the 1980s Peter started working with mainframes, but ever since he created his first web page in 1995 he has been hooked on using web technology. Originally from New Zealand, Peter enjoys problem solving and finding a creative solution to your communication needs.

Mark Hunsmann

Mark is our creative mind when it comes to design, product development and strategy. Originally from Germany, his whereabouts are often unknown because he is busy meeting people and establishing and developing businesses around the world.

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We are not actively looking for team memebers, but if you think you have what it takes to be a part of the Vista Interactive team and you have win-win ideas and attitude of how we can work together, then feel free to contact us.