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Vista Interactive is a TYPO3/WordPress web design & development agency. 

great web and print design + international experience + flexible systems + creative thinking = an effective information technology solution for you.

We help our clients manage and update their own websites with powerful content management systems like TYPO3 and WordPress. We help you understand how the technology can work for you and help you find the best solution. Multi-lingual content or localization has featured in many of our projects and so we have the experience necessary to help you communicate to an international audience.

Getting yourself online is only the start. You need to promote your online presence and build engagement with your audience. You need to optimize your content for search engines and people. You need to effectively communicate with social media. You might need to advertise both online and offline.

We can help you with all of these aspects of your web and marketing.  

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Design, Development, Hosting

We can do practically everything you need to get your website online. We expect you to contribute the content. We build the technology (on the shoulders of giants) and add our own creative design and programming expertise. 


SEO, Social Media, Advertising

Having a presence online is not enough. You need to get people to visit and use your website and other channels of communication. We can do practically everything you need to promote your business or organization both online and offline. 


Some of the people we work with

Marion's Kindergarten

Cumhuriyet Anaokulu (Marion's Kindergarten), a German/Turkish preschool in Izmir is a long term Vista Interactive client. They had been promoting their school using one of our EkspressWeb TYPO3 starter websites. As technology improved and with more people using mobile devices to view websites, they needed an upgraded design to reach these people as well as an upgraded version of the TYPO3 CMS framework.

Our involvment in this project 

  • TYPO3 CMS upgrade for new features and improved security 
  • Design upgrade to look and work better on all screen sizes

Read more about the project in our Before/After TYPO3 Upgrade Case Study

Visit Marion's Kindergarten current live site.


BeBiS (Beslenme Bilgi Sistemi) is the software used by most dieticians and nutrition students in Turkey. A PERL based system for licensing the software had been embedded into one of our EkspressWeb TYPO3 starter websites. With a TYPO3 upgrade and a new mobile friendly design for BeBiS, we converted their PERL licensing sytem into a PHP-based TYPO3 extension. The BeBiS licensing extension integrates with TYPO3's front end user system and the result is a more useful website which allows BeBiS software users to manage their own profile data and buy/renew licenses.

Read more about the project in our Building a user-focussed website application in TYPO3 blog post.

Visit the current BeBiS live website

Completely new to online marketing?

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Putting yourself, your business or your organization online can be challenging. There are many options to consider and new technology to learn and master. To help you reach the right audience, we offer a Strategic Marketing Workshop, where we get your team together and help you understand what is available and what opportunities could work for you.   

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Explore the power and flexibility of TYPO3

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