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Serve your content to the world

Your online presence needs to be available to your audience. You need reliable servers (hardware and software) to host your website, email, and other online services.  

Managed, shared hosting

Many of our customers are sharing a high performance server for their website, database and email needs. We regularly monitor and maintain this on their behalf, though it features the Plesk control panel so they can manage their own services if they want. The main benefit of a shared managed server is lower cost and so we offer the following packages:


Web, Database, Email (5 mailboxes)

Package Storage Traffic/month Price/year
Budget 0,60 Gb 24 Gb $99
Value 1,00 Gb 40 Gb $139
VIP 1,25 Gb 50 Gb $189


Web, Database and Email (10 mailboxes)

Package Storage Traffic/month Price/year
Budget 2,00 Gb 80 Gb $199
Value 4,00 Gb 100 Gb $249
VIP 6,00 Gb 150 Gb $399

Business email on your domain

And collaborative tools with G Suite

With G Suite, you can get business quality email backed by all the features of Gmail but with zero ads and more storage. You also get access to the G Suite collaborative calendar, document and file sharing services. See [referral link] for details and to start a free trial.

Cloud and custom hosting

We can help you use "the cloud" to host your internet services.

If you need to serve your web content globally through a content distribution network (CDN) or require hosting for a scalable web application, we can help you to purchase, configure and use cloud based services. Please contact us with your requirements.  

Self hosting

If you prefer to rent your own managed server, we recommend MediaTemple [referral link]. We have been using their services for over a decade. Their technical support and reliabilty is excellent.

Press Play

Let's hear your sound

If you are ready to jam with us and then let us know more about what you need.

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