Strategic Marketing Workshop

Marketing is the extremely important input side of your business where you get customers in exchange for your marketing budget (time, money and resources). It is just as important as the output side of your business where you produce the products and services your customers buy. But without marketing you have no customers.

The strategic marketing workshop is a half day workshop to help your team focus on marketing and learn more about the opportunities that are available.

The strategic marketing workshop covers:

  • Defining your products or services
  • Identifying your potential clients
  • Brainstorming creative ideas
  • Identifying the resources you have available
  • Setting a marketing budget
  • Measuring your results and effectiveness
  • Finishing well - managing your first marketing project and sustaining your marketing effort and focus over time



Expected outcomes

  • Understanding of resources available and skills needed for strategic marketing
  • A marketing action plan to develop appropriate events and marketing material
14 October 2019

Marketing, Media & IT Services



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